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Fehler ID Fehlername
F-01 Supply fault
F-02 Incorrect phase sequence
F-11 Speed controller is at its limit, speed actual value missing
F-12 Inverter overcurrent
F-14 Motor overtemperature
F-15 Converter overtemperature
F-19 Temperature sensor interrputed
F-40 Internal power supply faulted
F-41 DC link overvoltage
F-42 DC link overcurrent
F-51 DC link overvoltage
F-52 DC link undervoltage
F-53 Charger fault(DC link)
F-54 Supply fault
F-55 Erroneous setpoint calculation
F-56 Supply frequency timer failed
F-57 Frequency sensing in the PLL circuit faulted
F-61 Maxiumum motor frequency exceeded
F-64 Gating unit EPROM incorrect or defective
F-71 EPROM sumcheck error L byte, control procesor
F-72 EPROM sumcheck error H bytem control procesor
F-73 EPROM sumcheck error L byte, gating unit procesor
F-74 EPROM sumcheck error H byte, gating unit procesor
F-75 EEPROM sumcheck error
F-77 Initializing pulse missing
F-78 On/off program processing time exceeded
F-81 DC link overvoltage
F-91 No-load voltage greater than the rated voltage
F-92 Rated flux less than the flux at f = 125 Hz
F-93 2nd transition frequency less than 1st trans. Freq.
F-94 2nd transition frequency less than rated frequency
F-P1 Unattainable position setpoint
F-P2 Zero mark missing